Veteran Owned

Quality Assurance

Meet Rob Nelke, the Quality Assurance Manager for Office Nanny:  I have been with the company since November 2018.  I have previously been a custodial manager for the ServiceMaster company.  As a manager for the ServiceMaster company, I received professional managerial training in employee development, continuous quality improvement, and other functions of managing serving clients with excellence.  I managed a crew on campus of the University of Southern California.

In my position, I work with both our valued clients and our amazing custodial team to help facilitate delivering our Office Nanny guarantee for client satisfaction.

To begin with, I tour our client facilities with our custodial teams looking for ways we can improve quality.  I will do a formal inspection between once a week to once a month, depending on the frequency we clean the facility being inspected.  I will also do informal quality checks throughout the week.

One thing that helps to ensure high quality is touring the facility from time to time with the client to see things through the client’s eyes.  I take this valuable information and provide our custodial teams with feedback that they can use to continually improve quality.

The support I provide for our custodial team begins with the orientation training they receive upon employment.  From there, I provide nightly support as needed.   I help with supplies so there is no interruption of service.  I help with problem solving.  I also facilitate good employee morale through our employee recognition programs.

I also problem solve with clients as opportunities arise.  One example involves a facility that has toilet seat liner dispensers that have no keys.  The client was prepared to buy new dispensers so they could be resupplied each week, but I was able to figure out how to open them so they could be replenished by our team rather than buying new dispensers.

Ultimately my job is to make sure our clients are happy.   Sometimes this means that I have to find ways to make things right.  For example, a client left a pair of head phones on the floor under the desk.  Our custodian accidentally vacuumed the headphones up, destroying them.  The custodian called me and I went out and bought a pair of headphones that exceeded the quality of the pair that what was damaged.  I left the new headphones for the client with an apology note.  The next day I got an email from a very happy client.