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COVID-19 Electrostatic Disinfection Services

Office Nanny can help protect your employees and customers from COVID -19

Office Nanny has trained Electrostatic Disinfection staff who can disinfect every square inch of surface area in a building, getting the hard to reach areas that are potentially covered in bacteria. Electrostatic Disinfection offers you peace of mind!

What is Electrostatic Disinfection? The disinfectant solution is electromagnetically charged as it leaves the sprayer so that it wraps completely around and evenly coats any surface. You can re-enter the room almost immediately following Electrostatic Disinfection.

An Office Nanny employees uses the electrostatic spaying to disinfect lockers.

This technique uses
EPA certified disinfectants effective against COVID-19!

Office Nanny provides this service automatically, by request, with their janitorial service or as a separate service.

Call Janice Buhl at 541-730-0016 for a quote regarding cleaning, preventative sanitation or a disinfection response.